Retezat Mountains in the Carpathians

Retezat Mountains in the Carpathians
Retezat Mountains landscape (taken by my daughter Laura and my husband Victor)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Advertising challenge. What product would you advertise using one of these images. What would be the headline/ the copy like? Create the ad.


  1. Hi, Anisoara!
    I'd advertise "radical tourism".
    I don't know about the ad, but I'd need to overcome many fears to be able to clim that high. I'd prefer to be left there by a chopper. ;-)
    Hugs, Teresa (Lisbon, Portugal)

  2. Dear Anisoara,
    Congart's on your beautiful blog!

    I would advertise Nokia mobile, the one I love and use!
    Way to go!!
    Hala (Khartoum, Sudan)

  3. Dear friendsTeresa and Hala,
    Thank you for taking your time to visit and post comments on my first blog. The students will be encouraged by your pioneering.
    Your ideas about radical tourism and Nokia are what I meant to demonstrate my students that there may or may be no link between the image and the product advertised. We make the connection between the two and thus embue the product with extras. The more startling the images, the better the chances that we remember the product. Hugs to Portugal and Sudan.

  4. Hello teacher!
    Let's see....hmmmm( think:) ) would be nice to advertise with this picture a bank in financial crisis ( an up to date subject). A smaller, solid and secure bank that survives the difficulty in this period. The headline: You konw those big banks? That's not us...